••• Welcome to Al Hassan Academy ••• Welcome to Al Hassan Academy ••• Welcome to Al Hassan Academy ••• Welcome to Al Hassan Academy ••• Welcome to Al Hassan Academy ••• Welcome to Al Hassan Academy
••• Welcome to Al Hassan Academy ••• Welcome to Al Hassan Academy ••• Welcome to Al Hassan Academy ••• Welcome to Al Hassan Academy ••• Welcome to Al Hassan Academy ••• Welcome to Al Hassan Academy

Welcome to Al Hassan Academy

At Al Hassan Academy, we provide quality, tailored tutoring services that suit the requirements of students with
different abilities. We specialise in delivering Maths, English, Science and IT to those needing a crucial push and
help in their studies. We aim at enhancing our students’ skills and understanding in order to secure a better
grade in their final exams. With the guidance and coaching of our specialist tutors, we ensure our students
receive the best quality lessons that support them in achieving the best academic results.

It is not by coincidence we have been able to realise huge achievements. We trust that our practical
teaching methods supported by our pragmatic lesson plans and tailored materials, have contributed to our
success story. Indeed, our teaching mechanism help our students to thrive and develop their ability to read, to
think, to calculate and to write efficiently and effectively. Our systems and methods cater for the immediate and
long-term needs of our students, which as a result render their learning journey relevant and enriching.

Our Tutors

It is an undeniable fact that students achieve excellence through hard work along with parental support.
However, it is irrefutable that without a tailored professional tutoring the chance for children’s success shrinks
significantly. With the input of professional tutors, the probability of success increases exponentially as we
diagnose and understand the needs of the student before providing learning plans sustained by adequate follow
up. This is why it is crucial that parents consider the best possible specialists to educate their children.

At Al Hassan Academy, we pride ourselves with the quality of our tutors. Apart from our qualified teachers, we
have tutors with over 15 years of teaching experiences, while our graduate teachers are all trained specialist in
their respective fields. As we take the security and safety of our students and personnel seriously, we ensure that
all our staff are DBS checked prior to their employment. We also maintain a policy of fairness with a strong sense
of professionalism.

Campus Location

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